FAR from the sometimes obscene dances and sing-alongs which characterise East Point Nightclub, Pilato offered revellers a hilarious performance last Saturday that left them gasping for air.

Aided by a bare-chested duo of Amablacks comprising Mbototo and Shacks, the Ndola-based artiste's stage antics cursed the audience to endemic laughter at the well-attended show.

But Pilato was not solely responsible for the large turnout of expectant enthusiasts; Chef 'the Koppala Sabala' who is the younger brother of hip hop maestro Macky II partly shared the blame for snaring people out of their warm beds in wee hours to brave the chilly night at the open arena nightclub.

Wearing a beige robe with a slim blue necktie, shaggy wig and a grey sock on his right foot - his appearance fitted the music persona he exemplifies, a psycho led to be so by the troubling political realities of his country.

Pilato has recently earned himself a reputation of penning insightful politically-conscious lyrics replete with humorous and well-coordinated rhymes but last Saturday's stage acts where the perfect icing on the cake.

Given the popularity of Pilato and Chef's music, it was no surprise that a huge crowd thronged East Point as early as 21:00 hours for a show that only began after midnight.

But the 'Koppala music' fans had to wait up to about 01:40 hours before their patience paid off.

After a string of curtain-raising acts by supporting performers such as upcoming songstress Aquila, T-Sean, T-Boy and Yellow Man, it was time for the stars of the night to take to the stage.

Chef was first of the stars to grace the stage and his appearance was met by loud cheers.

With his irresistible numbers that invited patrons into singalongs, Chef's performance flaws were well-covered.

But the talented rapper may do well to learn one or two skills from his older brother on how not to make it so obvious that he is only miming when he is.

Pilato then joined Chef midway through his act, unannounced and for some mad Koppala dances.

Chef left the stage for Pilato but then the madness got out of hand when he was joined by Amablacks with their crazed dances and performance commentary.

The energetic duo spiced Pilato's act with strange dances that left everyone in stitches.