LIV nightclub in Lusaka was a hive of activity last Friday when K'millian finally dropped his latest album Timeless.

Before a packed audience was the energetic K'millian clad in grey jeans, red sweater top covered with a green coat and red shoes.

The singer appeared on stage shortly before midnight and started his show with a live performance of his old songs captivating his fans who sang along to almost all the songs.

K'millian must have amazed some fans who thought he couldn't perform live, with James Sakala on the acoustic guitar and Emmanuel on the lead and backed by two vocalists, the singer managed to glue the crowed.

However, at some point, a patron demanded that the CD of the latest album be played claiming that he was tired of the old tracks.

"Iwe, can you put a CD of the album that brought us here? We didn't pay to come and listen to your old songs," said the patron.

K'millian answered, "No. I am not going to mime mwebantu tamwakwata ichisuma ichite mime ati no we want live, wimbe live ati no we want you to mime.

His latest project sounds quite different from his usual; the songs are more danceable and rather fast even the artiste himself was able to shake a little bit.

Earlier, curtain-raisers Dezert Roze, Mr Vezzy, U-Turn, Chichi, T-Sean, T-boy entertained fans with their music.

K'millian in an interview through his manager Chali Mulalami after the show expressed happiness to the fact that his fans were still following his music and that his music career was not about competition but about contributing to the industry.

"I have built a good and sizeable fan base for myself in the last 9 years. It's not rare for people to ask for Niwe Weka Mfwaya even now, and they sing along like the song just came out. The turnout at the listening party was great. My fans should look out for the album dropping in July and a launch event in September," said