YVONNE Phiri better known as Aquila has promised to bring a new aroma to the Zambian music industry.

In an interview with the Weekend Post, the 29-year-old singer said she hopes to collaborate with various songbirds.

"I have come into the industry not to bring war or have beef with anyone in particular in the industry," Aquila said.

"Most people think that what you present yourself as a diva in the industry you are or have to compare yourself with your colleagues or beef them but I want break that and it is for this reason that I want to collaborate with my workmates (other female singers) to show that we are not enemies but friends. I want to collaborate with Kay, Mampi among others."

Aquila also talked about her upcoming album.

"I am set to release an 8-track album in which I have featured singers like P-Jay, D.O.C and T-Sean. The album is titled Mutima Wanga but I want to release a bit late this is because I first want to make more people know me and my music and then I can now release my well-blended album," said the 29-year-old singer.

The songbird also talked about her involvement in charity work.

"I recently launched my organisation called 'Aquila's Children Campaign' which protects children from child abuse and also protects the female folks from gender-based violence. I am also calling upon my fellow artists and the corporate world to join me in the campaign, "said Aquila.

She also pointed out the challenges she faces as an upcoming artist.

"I face a lot of challenges in terms of having my music getting airplay and get performances and television interviews," Aquila said.

"It is not easy and if you got into the industry for the money and not the passion, you would surely give up. I'am urging all youths that intend to join this industry to consult before getting into it and not just do it because most people are doing it. I am inspired by American singer, songwriter and actress Keri Hilson because her writes good lyrics of which she understands and sings well, "said Aquila.