It seems our country will continue to have serious mealie-meal shortages, whether artificial or otherwise. This is in spite of the country boasting about bumper harvests each farming season.

But what is the position of the government on this issue? How is it that a country with bumper harvests every year could have high prices of the staple food? And how can the price of a 25 kilogramme bag of mealie-meal soar from K45,000 to K70,000?

Surely, some permanent solution to this problem must be found if poverty is to be eradicated and the common citizen is to have enough food on his table. 

I wish to suggest to His Excellency the President that he considers establishing a state-owned milling firms in each province under the Ministry of Agriculture so that private millers can compete in terms of prices with the state-owned ones.

It seems the free trade economy has given the private millers some leeway for a monopolistic kind of trade amongst themselves.

Therefore, if the PF government can consider my suggestion, I believe this trend will come to an end.