ZNBC needs a lot of effort to improve on their live broadcasting services of national shows and events.
A few years ago, people were not paying TV licences and ZNBC could still survive with the little resources it had.

Hon Newstead Zimba thought it was important to introduce TV licence to improve the facilities and programming at the national broadcaster. Fortunately, this was approved by Parliament and it became law.

On Saturday, night we had Born n Bred show on ZNBC, though the planning and arrangements were so poor that one would think we were in the pre-independence.
Technology is improving every day and I believe ZNBC cannot fail to employ competent people to organise such events in a very professional way.

In my opinion, the recent Born n Bred was the most boring and poorly planned ever. This is typical of ZNBC as far as a live events are concerned. The only thing for which I must commend ZNBC is their effectiveness in televising football matches.

The stage itself was not well fashioned and furnished, and the male presenter Ahmed Mwape was not 'alive'. The picture quality was of 1970s.
Moreover, it was very disappointing to note that there was only one microphone which the presenters were sharing and this was also extended to the Guests who were announcing the winners of the awards in various categories. One microphone being shared as though ZNBC were a kantemba!

It is indeed my appeal to the government to consider funding ZNBC adequately so that they can improve their machinery, programming and time management when broadcasting live shows.