UNIONISED workers at National Museums have withdrawn their labour, demanding a 60 per cent salary increment and resignation of board secretariat executive secretary Fredson Mzinga.

But Mzinga said the protest by the workers was rushed as management was still sitting to deliberate the way forward.

The unionised staff complained of not having a salary increment for the past seven years and called management's decision to award them a seven per cent hike a mockery.

"Surely how can they give us a seven per cent salary increment, that seven per cent is equivalent to less than a K100 000," said protest leader Mwinde Shamu.
The workers are also demanding the resignation of Lusaka National Museum director George Mudenda and National Museums Board accountant Lloyd Situmbeko.
Mzinga has been accused of not having a vision for museums and improper supervision of his subordinates while Situmbeko is facing allegations of dishonesty.

But Mzinga said management and union representatives held a meeting last week where they decided to award a seven per cent salary hike to workers.
He said the union representatives were told to liaise with the workers on the proposal.

"I am shocked at what is happening because they did not come back to us. We explained to them the current budget allocation is constant from last year. The government made a huge step by helping us clear our hefty debts and that could be why we had no increment in terms of budget allocation, even the seven per cent is actually a stretch," said Mzinga.