A CHIPATA resident has sued Professional Insurance and Zambia/Botswana bus transport company demanding compensation for damages and injuries he suffered in a road accident on the Lundazi-Chipata Road in July last year.
According to originating summons dated March 25, 2013 from the Chipata High Court, Shirley Phiri is claiming damages for dangerous and reckless driving occasioning permanent disability and pain on her.
She is also claiming damages for deprivation and physical incapacitation from personally working hands-on to her mining business as a licensed miner of precious and semi-precious gemstones, deprivation and incapacitation from doing her interests in physical sports and some hobbies.
Phiri is also claiming special damages at K830,000.00 by three days a week for an estimated period of six months during which the plaintiff shall be undergoing physiotherapy treatment at Chipata General Hospital.
She is also seeking compensation for her personal effects lost in the accident and the money lost at the accident scene in the sum of K4,800,000.00 together with the value of polished aquamarine gemstones at US$7,000 also lost at the accident scene.
Phiri indicated that she was seeking compensation for inconvenience suffered and distress, interest, costs and any other relief the court might deem fit and just.
She was one of the victims of the Zambia/Botswana bus accident which occurred in Mnoro area of the Lundazi-Chipata Road on July, 26, 2013.
According to the summons, on November 27, 2012 the plaintiff made a written claim against the 1st defendant, Professional Zambia/Botswana bus company, to do so.
"The 1st defendant has since then failed, refused and or neglected to reply in writing and or to settle the plaintiff's claim and has orally refused to lift the indemnity of the 2nd defendant against a claim for consequential losses that cannot be claimed under the insurance policy," the summons read in part.