A LUSAKA resident has been convicted and jailed for 2 years with hard labour by the subordinate court in Chinsali after being found guilty on charges of aiding and abetting illegal immigrants.
And a government worker, Davies Simufwela, of Serenje in Central Province who is alleged to have aided eight Pakistani and 4 Bangladesh nationals to enter Zambia illegally has been granted a KR1000 bail by a Chinsali magistrate.
Appearing before magistrate Chongo Musonda for plea on Tuesday were Ibrahim Lungu, 23, and Lemani Phiri, 33, charged with one count of aiding and abetting prohibited immigrants contrary to the laws of Zambia.
Facts before court were that on March 23, 2013, the duo jointly and whilst acting together did aid and assist illegal immigrants, namely Aleater Teshome, 21, Tekele Ashinego, 24, Dinike Tems, 20, Abera Temesgn, 21, and Kasiro Shanko, 22.
Others are Matthews Adams, 24, Asfar Boker, 22, Alias Alema Yehu, 19, Atacho Manomo, 20, and Ekmilas Erkalo Mrisorobekele, 25, all Ethiopian nationals to enter Zambia using a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado registration number ABV 8709.
Lungu pleaded guilty while Phiri pleaded not guilty to the allegations levelled against them.
In passing judgment, magistrate Musonda said the court had found Lungu guilty as charged upon his own admission of guilt.
Magistrate Musonda said she had heard what the convict had to say in his mitigation but that the offence committed was very serious.
She said that she could have fined Lungu but due to the increase in the number of such cases in the country, she opted to give him a custodial sentence.
She sent him to jail for two years imprisonment with hard labour in order to deter wound- be offenders.
In his mitigation, Lungu told the court that he was a breadwinner, taking care of his children and a pregnant wife.
He added that he was also keeping four other dependants.
Lungu asked the court to exercise maximum leniency on him when passing sentence, claiming that he did not know the intentions of his friend, Phiri, the co-accused who was with him in the vehicle on the material day.
Magistrate Musonda further ordered that the vessel used in the commission of the crime be forfeited to the state.
This followed an application by the Divisional Prosecutor Winford Chavula to have the vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado registration number ABV 8709 which is alleged to have been used in ferrying the prohibited immigrants from Nakonde, to be forfeited to the state.
Lungu also did not object to the application to the court to have his vehicle forfeited to the state adding that it was up to the court to make a decision.
Meanwhile, the case involving Lungu's co-accused, Phiri, was adjourned to April 22 for plea.
Magistrate Musonda also adjourned the matter involving the 10 Ethiopians to the same date due to non-availability of a court interpreter.
The 10 Ethiopians are jointly charged with one count of illegal entry into Zambia.
In the same court, a government worker who allegedly aided eight Pakistani and four Bangladesh nationals to enter Zambia illegally was granted a KR1000 bail with two sureties.
Davies Simufwela, a teacher in Serenje district in Central Province, is charged with one count of assisting 12 prohibited immigrants who failed to report to the Immigration officer at Nakonde border.
Particulars of the offence were that on March 17, 2013, jointly and whilst acting together, Simufwela did assist the 12 illegal immigrants from Nakonde border
He pleaded not guilty to the charge.
Magistrate Musonda adjourned the matter to May 8 for commencement of trial.
And the 12 prohibited immigrants failed to take plea before magistrate Musonda due to non-availability of an interpreter.
The 12 who include Lisman Mohammad, 20, Khan Amir, 20, Dianish Ali, 20, Mahmoud Faisal, 20, Calam Abu, 24, Anisy Zaman, 29, Chod Hury, 37, Hossan Minor, 34, Zahirrul Islam, 20, Hossan Shobuj, 31, Ripun Babu 32 and Zabed Mohamad 32 are jointly charged with one count of falling to report to the Immigration officer.