LUAMPA Mission Hospital executive director Sanki Chihinga says the institution is unable to adequately meet people's needs in the newly formed district due to inadequate funding.
Speaking to journalists, Chihinga said the hospital had not been receiving adequate attention from the government as it had no power and adequate energy to run the motors and hospital equipment.
He said the hospital had been using thermal power which was not unreliable.
"We need fuel to deal with the maternity cases. Every day we have these cases and we need to trek to get people for treatment. We need to save lives so that means we need to bring people for medical surgeries and other services," Chihinga said.
He said services such as x-ray and the incubators were not operational due to lack of adequate energy.
"We need to provide services like x-ray and operation of the incubator. So if the government can come in to supply fuel to meet our demands during this time that we are being connected to the national grid, it will be a good move to improve health services to Luampa district. At the moment, we are involved more in community based health provision because of the realignment to mother and child health, meaning now we need outreach programmes which need fuel. So the government should increase the grant and as well come in to increase a number of houses."
Chihinga said the hospital had also not received KR26,000 monthly grant for February and March.
"We are happy that it was increased from KR11,000, but the new grant is still inadequate to meet monthly expenditure of KR55,000," Chihinga said.
He said many lives were also lost because the hospital could not put patients on oxygen support.
"Power for the lab, theatre, ultrasound kit, x-ray machines, oxygen concentrators is needed. For us to supply power and water is very costly because we have been using thermal power," Chihinga said.
"Night surgery emergency, we may not do it. Many lives are lost because we can't put them on oxygen, don't have power to run the kit, babies born prematurely can't have warmth because of no power which is traumatising to staff."
He said the hospital had to transport its patients to Lewanika hospital which was 180 kilometres away.