PRESIDENT Michael Sata is tomorrow expected to officiate at the ground-breaking ceremony for commencement of construction of the 91-kilometre Luangwa bridge-Feira road project.
The district road coded D145 is a strategic route linking Luangwa Boma (Feira) to the trunk road, Great East Road (T4).
According to a statement by special assistant to the President for press and public relations George Chellah, the project, which is anticipated to be implemented within a period of 24 months, involves the upgrading of the existing gravel road to bituminous standard.
He stated that the scope of work would include, among other things, bush clearing and grubbing, road preparation, construction of pavement layers, construction of culverts and open drains, road furniture installation and provision of road markings.
"Once completed, this road will provide a shorter route to Zimbabwe and Mozambique from T4 through Luangwa from Lusaka. The construction of this road will promote economic activities in this area such as tourism, fishing and agriculture by facilitating easy movement of farm inputs and products for both commercial and small-scale farmers living in this area," he stated. "The completion of this road project is also expected to enhance trade with our two neighbours, Zimbabwe and Mozambique from this part of our country. In addition, the construction of this road will also attract investment into the area, thereby reducing poverty among the local people and the delivery of services for school and health facilities will as well greatly improve after the completion of this road project."
Chellah stated that the project would create jobs for local people and small Zambian contractors who would be engaged as sub-contractors by the main contractors.
He stated that the important road link, which was among the many road projects, were in fulfilment of President Sata's campaign promise and underlined the PF government's desire and determination to develop the state of infrastructure in the country predominantly roads as enshrined in the ruling party's manifesto.