THE Electoral Commission of Zambia has condemned the behaviour of PF chairperson of elections Sylvia Masebo during the filing of nominations in Kapiri Mposhi Constituency yesterday morning.
ECZ public relations manager Crispin Akufuna stated yesterday that stakeholders were fully briefed on Wednesday on the requirements of the law on who was authorised to be within 400 metres of the nomination centre in accordance with Section 88 of the electoral Act.
Akufuna stated that the PF cadres were peacefully gathered outside the 400 metres perimeter until the arrival of an entourage led by Masebo who disregarded the authority of the returning officer.
"Despite the returning officer explaining the requirement of the law pertaining to persons authorised to enter a nomination centre, Mrs Masebo ordered a horde of cadres to overrun the nomination centre. The act of lawlessness on the part of Mrs Masebo constitutes an offence under Section 88 (1) (a) and (j) of the electoral Act No 12 of the Laws of Zambia, which states that; Any person who (a) within a period prescribed for the receipt of nominations, … loiters in any public place within 400 metres, from the entrance to a nomination office; or (j) willfully obstruct or interferes with the returning officer, presiding officer or elections officer in execution of their duty shall be guilty of an offence," he stated.
He stated that the commission shall not condone such behaviour and urged all political parties taking part in elections to ensure that their candidates, leaders, cadres and supports behave responsibly and within the law.
"Election laws must, at all times with exception, be respected by all stakeholders," stated Akufuna.