I wish to share a thought regarding the shortage, smuggling and impounding of mealie-meal.
In my view, the fact that people are becoming nocturnal traders, smuggling bags of mealie-meal into Congo, is a clear sign that this product has found a readily available market in that country.
The root cause of the problem, which is giving the government sleepless nights, lies in bad agricultural and economic/trade policies.
Instead of chasing those poor souls who just want to have a bit of money in their pockets, why can't the govenrnment invest more in agriculture, including maize farming, by meaningfully promoting small-scale farmers and further making it easier for the youth and women in particular to open milling plants everywhere and then helping them to flood the market, including the same Congo market.
Repair all feeder roads to productive areas of our country and take banking services closer to the people.
Additinally, popularise other foods such as sorgham, millet, cassava and sweet potatoes, which the Citizens Economic Empowerment Committee (CEEC) continues paying lip service to.
Let economic forces and dynamics regulate the prices of commodities and not the police.
Strategy bakaamba, not amaka.