JAYAMANGALA'S dancers from the US last Saturday night charmed a packed audience that witnessed their first ever Navgathi show in Zambia at the Hindu Hall.
Such events though exciting are usually dominated by members of the Indian community.
Under the direction of professional dancer, Shobha Subramanian, the group of nine dancers and two singers staged memorable classical, poetic and contemporary dances.
Jayamangala's stage work is not only professional but also elating, with stunningly colourful outfits.
Also gracing the event was Shobha's son, Ashwin, alongside Singapore-based musician Lakshmi Chandrasekhar.
Before a packed audience, the two performed melodious compositions from their albums and collaborations.
Dance performances coupled with Bollywood-style songs continued much to the delight of the attentive crowd.
Shobha, an award-winning dancer/teacher/choreographer, has studied dance under senior gurus like Sundri Seshadri and Prof. CV Chandrasekhar for Bharatnantyan.
Now based in Lusaka,the arts teacher has collaborated with the Barefeet Theatre Company in dance-drama productions.
India's High commissioner to Zambia, Ashok Kumar in his speech as guest of honour, commended Shobha's commitment to her art.
Kumar advised the audience to emulate Shobha and exchange culture through such skills.
"This is a time of globalisation. Let's share talent with the locals wherever you are," he said.
With the Lusaka Indian Ladies Association (LILA) present as the event's sponsors, Kumar joked that he was the only male that attends the association's meetings.
The remarks were made soon after LILA presented a KR5000 cheque to Shobha and her group.