FIRST lady Dr Christine Kaseba says the first family and the entire staff at State House will always leave everything to God in prayer in hard times.

And Dr Kaseba has described as heartbreaking the death of one of her aides Mufaweli Hamwaata in a road traffic accident in Kitwe on Thursday.

Speaking as a family representative during the funeral service of her late aunty Ruth Mwape Gondwe at Methodist Episcopal Church in Kitwe, Dr Kaseba said her family was humbled by the prayers and support of many Zambians in times of trial.

Dr Kaseba said her late aunty who died aged 68 was a bridge of the family who always lived for others and sacrificed everything for the sake of family unity.

"She was a woman of few words. If she gets annoyed, you will just see tears on her face. She was the bridge of the family even between the remaining two sisters of different temperaments. She was a happy person, I remember when we were very young growing up here, she was a very beautiful but humble woman. She loved her children, her grandchildren and everyone," Dr Kaseba said.

And Dr Kaseba broke down Kaseba's aide dies in road accident when she announced the death of Hamwaata.

"The member of staff who died had an encounter with my late aunty Ba Ruth when she came to visit in Lusaka. She was supposed to go to Chipata for other duties but when she learnt that my aunty had passed away, she changed her mind and wanted to mourn with us. I hope the family will accept our deepest condolences," Dr Kaseba said.

Hamwaata died in an accident in Kitwe on Thursday after the vehicle she was travelling in lost control and overturned.

Hamwaata was in the advance party for the first lady who was on the Copperbelt yesterday for the funeral of her aunt of Kitwe's
Kamitondo Township.

The accident happened on the Kitwe-Ndola road near Zamtan
area around 16:30 hours when the vehicle, a Nissan Hard body registration number ABD 3159 which was heading to Ndola overturned.

"Involved in this accident were three police officers that included the deceased, woman superintendent Mufaweli Hamwaata, aged between 45 and50 years. She was the social secretary in the office of the first lady. The driver of the Nissan Hardbody, which was also extensively damaged, Aaron
Sikalumbi and another passenger Charles Palati sustained injuries.
Both are admitted at Mopani Copper Mine's Wusakile Hospital. Hamwaata died upon arrival at the hospital," a source revealed.

Mopani Copper Mines head of public relations Cephas Sinyangwe confirmed that the hospital received three accident victims, one of whom was certified dead on arrival.

Sinyangwe described the condition of the other victims as stable.

"The body of the lady who was brought in dead was taken to Kitwe Central Hospital for recertification as per procedure and the body is currently lying at Wusakile Hospital Mortuary," Sinyangwe said.

And Kitwe district commissioner Elias Kamanga said the accident victims were on their way to Ndola where they were expected to lodge and make arrangements for Dr Kaseba's arrival.

"The first lady has a bereavement and burial is today (yesterday).
She lost an aunt, the sister to the first lady's mother, and the advance party even visited the house of mourning.
Unfortunately on their way to back to Ndola, this fatal accident happened," said Kamanga.