VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott says there is a lot of theft of public funds in the country.
Speaking when he addressed a public meeting at Kasenda Primary School in Mitete on Friday, Vice-President Scott said the problem started with the MMD in the 1990s.
"We are a country of thieves; people steal money meant for development and it is very difficult for the money to get to you ordinary people because people decide to steal it. Honest in public administration is needed in this country not where big people are eating and yet you poor people are suffering. We have to clean up this culture of thieving where you the poor people are the ones who are left to suffer. If we had no thieves, life would have been very easy for you people," said Vice-President Scott.
Vice-President Scott said the PF government replaced the MMD in order to clean up the culture of thieving.
He said the PF had come to provide an honest administration, saying there was need for integrity in the running of government.
"We wanted an end of corruption in the MMD but unfortunately this party failed to provide and we left. We still believe in the principles that made us leave MMD. PF is not a party for rich people but the poor like you," he said.
Vice-President Scott said the PF was still fighting a few people if found in the government system.
He said PF as a party and its leaders believed in talking roughly because they wanted things to be done.
Vice-President Scott said the engine of development was government and not MMD or PF.
"Development will never come through here if you have a corrupt government. You have to have a government which is controlling things. We need a government that will impose proper order in this country because where there is proper rule of law, things move properly," said Vice-President Scott.
And Chinonwe Primary School Parents Teachers Association chairman Godwin Saputu said the people in Chinonwe area had been voting since 1964 but there had been no meaningful development.