PRESIDENT Michael Sata yesterday said that his ministers sometimes do not say the truth about the people's suffering.
And President Sata cautioned the PF candidate in the Kapiri Mposhi by-election, Eddie Musonda, not to think that people who will vote for him are stupid.
Meanwhile, President Sata has split Kapiri Mposhi and created Ngabwe district in order to bring development and government administrative functions closer to the people.
During a courtesy call on chief Chipepo of the Lenje people of Central Province, President Sata, who was in Kapiri Mposhi to drum up support for Musonda in the April 23 polls, expressed shock that chief Chipepo was drinking dirty water because there was no borehole at his palace.
"If you want to know something, you have to be there, because my ministers sometimes don't say the truth. Iyo Mr President fintu fyonse fili fye bwino no, Mr President everything is okay kanshi when in fact things are not good. I am happy that I have seen the suffering myself and we have to do something," President Sata said.
And addressing a rally at Yombe Basic School grounds, President Sata asked the people of Kapiri Mposhi to vote for Musonda because he wants to be going to areas where his members of parliament were.
"There are a lot of things that need to be done but I can't enter someone's house. So you should give me someone to work with," he said.
President Sata told Musonda to take a leaf from former MMD area member of parliament, now turned PF member, Friday Malwa, who used to boast that he was honourable until people voted him out.
"The people are not stupid and they voted him out," President Sata said. "So don't be like Malwa if people vote for you."
President Sata held three rallies in Kapiri Mposhi Constituency yesterday, with the first at Ngabwe, then Yombe and finally at the main bus stop in town.
And President Sata said he was not sick.
President Sata described Lawrence Zimba, opposition UPND candidate in the Kapiri Mposhi by-election, as a failure who should not be given an opportunity to represent the people.
President Sata said nothing had changed about Zimba.
"If you people are fine, that's well and good. You may choose Zimba because akoni kekala pamuti katemenwe a bird sits on a branch it is comfortable with so choose what you want because I have seen your suffering and this is why I want to bring development through Musonda," President Sata said. "Zimba ran away from you and nothing has changed even though he has joined UPND. So think twice before giving him your vote."
Earlier, chief Ngabwe of the Lamba people told President Sata that people in his chiefdom were facing a number of difficulties.
"The pontoon has been down for six months and the roads haven't been graded and we have no police post and crime is rampant in the area. So we don't see any government presence in this area. But we are grateful that you are the second President since 1971, to have visited. And this shows your commitment towards national development," said chief Ngabwe.
In response, President Sata said the only way to address the problems facing the people was to declare Ngabwe a district.
"We want to address most of the problems left by the previous government through devolution of power and this is why we are declaring Ngabwe a district. We shall put up a bridge at Kafue River to link Ngabwe and Mukabu as one way of opening up the area for development," said President Sata.
Meanwhile President Sata is today expected in Mongu where he will meet the Litunga of Western Province before proceeding to Lukulu.