PRESIDENT Michael Sata says former Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) prime minister Clement Sinyinda is organising people to fight the Litunga.
But Sinyinda said he did not know anything about President Sata's allegations and had no comment on the matter.
Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on the Litunga at his palace yesterday, President Sata said Sinyinda was also organising people to secede.
"Those people (Indunas) you are responsible. The person who is organising people against the Litunga is your former prime minister.
The person who is organising Linyungandambo secession is your former prime minister. I warn the king, if he attempts to bring him back, then I will use my signature. I have a signature, he knows it very well so if you try bring him backā€¦If he is fighting him, then he is also fighting me and me my hands are much stronger than those of the king. This man did not apply to become a king, he was born a king. What God says shall prevail, let no man put asunder. We are very much ready, we watch him every day," said President Sata.
President Sata said he was aware about the problems that the Litunga was facing, saying they had even resulted in this year's Kuomboka ceremony being held late.
"We are very grateful that at least you put yourselves together and you are still going to have the ceremony," he said.
President Sata also directed Western Province permanent secretary Emmanuel Mwamba to paint the Litunga's palace at government expense.
"I want you to organise water for the grass here. Last time I came here, it was in October and the grass was more green," he said.
And acting prime minister Induna Godfrey Sisii, said the BRE was grateful and appreciated the developmental projects that the government had taken to Western Province.
Induna Kalonga thanked President Sata for being considerate by visiting the Litunga.
"The creation of nine districts in this province brings the total number to 16. We have noted the following developments: the construction of the ultramodern stadium yet to be named. The construction of King Lewanika University and the construction of the only eye department. We are keenly following the construction of the Mongu-Kalabo road. For all these achievements, once again we are grateful," he said.
Induna Kalonga also requested President Sata to intervene in the tribal wrangles that were taking place in Kaoma.
"The BRE, which is tribally inclusive, continues to act in a more mature and civilised manner to address these issues that seem to be instigated by some people that are well bent on making sure that this province is ungovernable. We appeal to you to personally intervene in these matters and put a final stop in these tribal wrangles. They are peace-threatening and a great danger to the unity in this province.
The situation on the ground in Kaoma is very disturbing," he said.
Induna Kalonga hoped that President Sata's visit was the beginning of more visits.
And chief Ngabwe of the Lamba people has urged his subjects to vote for the PF candidate in the Kapiri Mposhi by-election because President Sata has shown commitment to develop rural areas through creation of new districts.
Welcoming President Sata's declaration of Ngabwe as a new district aimed at bringing development and government administrative functions closer to the people, chief Ngabwe said the government should be supported for showing concern about the plight of rural people.
Chief Ngabwe, who is Ignatius Kashoka, a former permanent secretary at Cabinet office, asked his subjects if they wanted UPND candidate Lawrence Zimba to which they shouted 'no!'
Ngabwe area is located 300km west of Kapiri Mposhi across the Lukanga swamps and Kafue flats and is bordered by chief Kasempa to the west, chief Kaindu of Mumbwa to the South and chief Machiya of Mpongwe to the north and chief Mukubwe to the east.
Earlier, at his palace, whose housing structures were destroyed by the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officers, who allegedly found government trophies, chief Ngabwe, said his people were suffering and had not felt any government presence.
"Our pontoon has been down for six months now and roads have not been graded and it takes many hours to reach this place. The schools we have have been built by the community though government provides teachers but they live in one house, including those that are married," said chief Ngabwe. "At the clinic, CDE (classified daily employees) give out medicines and ARVs are not available. We also have no police post and crime is rampant and recently ZAWA destroyed my house, saying I am poacher."
And President Sata said the people of Ngabwe did not choose to be suffering, and the government would do something to alleviate their problems.
"The problems is that you people chose a 'chibole' (barren) in Lawrence Zimba and MMD and they failed to deliver and this Zimba has moved to UPND, meaning that he will again not deliver but we have given this area district status and we shall build a high school and a bridge across the Kafue River to link Ngabwe and Mukubwe areas," said President Sata. "ZAWA should know that chiefs shouldn't get a licence to hunt animals because God gives these to chiefs even when a chief wants seven wives, let him have them so long he takes care of them. So government will rebuild the house that was destroyed and sink a borehole because it is not good to see a chief's wife going to fetch water from the river."