ZAMBIA Institute of Marketing executive director Fredrick Chituta says infrastructure development in the tourism sector should continue even beyond the forthcoming UNWTO general assembly.
And Chituta has urged tourism operators in Livingstone to put up defined tourism products tailored to delegates' specifications during the United Nations World Tourism Organisation general assembly to be co-hosted with Zimbabwe in August.
In an interview, Chituta said infrastructure development would be of benefit to the sector and Livingstone in particular as this would help to market the country's tourism.
"The infrastructure development has to continue for the growth of the industry as opposed to a slow down of activities just after the conclusion of the conference," Chituta said.
"The conference must provide excellent marketing opportunities for the growth and advancement of the country's tourism market especially in Livingstone and the surrounding resorts."
And Chituta said for the country to ensure growth in the tourism industry, there was need for marketing strategies to be developed.
He said this should be done with a long-term view of sustaining the expected impetus in tourism interest in and around Livingstone.
"Tourism products have to be developed by individual syndicate tourist entrepreneurs. However, in itself the conference cannot guarantee the success of every stakeholder in the tourism industry, so every tourism-based entrepreneur must pay attention to providing defined products that are expected to meet the specific needs of the delegates and other interest groups. In order to achieve this, entrepreneurs will need to fully understand their markets," Chituta said.
"The conference will help to highlight modern trends and developments in global tourism. Entrepreneurs must take special interest to identify service provision gaps in the industry and use such to build better tourism products for both local and foreign visitors to their tourism facilities."