HWATAI Mining investments Corporation limited chairman Ling Zow says a lot of people in China care about Zambia's development and future.
Speaking during a signing ceremony for the construction of Mama Betty Kaunda Skills Training School at the former Republican president's office yesterday, Ling said Dr Kenneth Kaunda built a strong foundation for both China and Zambia.
"Dr Kaunda was still taking care of our close relations as countries. We have been motivated to build this school by what Dr Kaunda and his wife have done for Zambia. We know that Mama Betty contributed a lot to Zambia during her life," Ling said.
Ling said education was important for society's development and that the success of the school would further contribute to the country's development.
He said his company would support the construction of the school and its future operations.
And receiving the donation on behalf of Dr Kaunda, his daughter, Cheswa said the construction of a training school was a wonderful way of remembering her mother whom she said had a passion for the wellbeing of children.