THE Choma Municipal Council has awarded Fallsway Timbers Group of Companies a contract to construct 250 housing units, a modern market, hotel and a bus terminus in Southern Province's new provincial centre.
And Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has warned the council of suspension if it does not implement government developmental projects because of political inclination.
In an interview after touring the construction site, Fallsway Timbers Group of Companies chairman Vora Shyam said they have a total investment plan of US$13 million for Choma which will include the construction of 250 housing units, a modern market with a hotel and a bus terminus.
"The investment includes 250 housing units which will consist of 15 per cent medium cost houses and 18 per cent low-cost houses, a school, clinic and shopping complex. Choma will be a satellite town," he explained.
Shyam said works on the 10-hectare piece of land is expected to commence early next month, adding that Fallsway Timbers would engage the Zambia National service to clear the land and construct roads in the housing complex which would also create over 400 jobs for the locals.
''We have set aside US$3 million for the construction of the modern bus terminus which will have a hotel on top and the market itself then the US$10 million is for the housing complex," said Shyam. "'Clearing and cleaning up of the land will start by May 2 and by December 25 we would have completed the first 50 houses."
And Munkombwe has warned the Choma Municipal Council of dissolution if it fails to implement projects introduced by the government.
Munkombwe sounded the warning yesterday when he accompanied Shyam to check on the sites where a modern market and houses would be constructed.
''Councils belong to government because you depend on grants which is taxpayers money. Government projects should be first priority. It doesn't matter which political party you belong to; there is no honour you will get from being disbanded so increase the pace at which you work," warned Munkombwe.