FORMER Amnesty International Zambia secretary general Zebbies Mumba says politicians and individuals resisting the fight against corruption are enemies of good governance.
Commenting on good governance expert Marylyn Celli's observations that corruption remained Zambia's constant obstacle to development, Mumba said there was no doubt that corruption was behind the country's underdevelopment and citizens must resist moves by some politicians to frustrate the crusade against the vice.
Mumba, who is also a human rights activist, said Zambia would never see development in terms of roads, electricity, good schools and hospitals with adequate medicines if corruption was not wiped out of the governance systems and culprits brought to book.
He said it was a big shame to the country and the leaders that some parts of Zambia have never seen any development apart from the old infrastructure like schools and roads that were put up by the UNIP government.
Mumba said a country embroiled in widespread corruption had no future and posterity would judge harshly leaders that decline to resolutely fight it.
"Corruption has remained the greatest enemy of this country. It is behind the sufferings of many of our people. The bad roads, lack of adequate electricity, our children failing to access good education and so forth, is due to nothing else but corruption because we have resources. Why should our people sleep on empty stomachs when we have rich mineral resources in this country? Many of our people have died due to lack of medical equipment in hospitals and we say we have minerals, rich minerals for that matter! We saw it in previous administrations that resources ended up in people's private pockets and these are individuals that were selfish and never cared about people's sufferings," Mumba said.
He said fighting corruption needed concerted efforts from every Zambian that to see development in the country.
Mumba said the spirited fight by the PF government to eliminate all forms of corruption without fear or favour must be encouraged.
He said the country through the PF government was in an urgent need of water-tight policies to end corruption in order secure the country's future.
"Let's ignore leaders that want to demoralise and dilute the vigour displayed so far. Yes, we agree no one should be above reproach but politicians that want this country to abandon the fight against corruption don't mean well," said Mumba.