ZAMBIANS must vote for a leader and not a politician in 2016, says Elias Chipimo Jr.
During a media breakfast held at Lusaka's Protea Hotel yesterday, Chipimo, who is NAREP president, said Zambia needed a leader that would drive the development agenda.
"The 2016 elections will not be about change. It will be about putting in place, not a politician but a leader. That is what Zambia now needs, a leader. If we cannot generate enough power to sustain seven per cent economic growth year in year out, that growth will be deterred; the jobs that we don't have will become even harder to find; tuition which is required by so many of young people who come knocking on my door saying 'help me I just need to advance my skills', they will not find it," he said
"We have to do something. Not only will we be able to create jobs, but we will create a future for the generations that right now have no future."
And Chipimo said politicians defect from one political party to another out of their selfish interests.
"In African politics, it is very easy to move from one place to another. We have a lot of professional tenants in Zambia who do not really believe in the message, or ideals or the values of a particular organisation, but they are there because they need to take something home; to pay the rent, to put food on the table, to travel, to buy talk time," he said.
"These are realities and we don't go into politics with an illusion that this will not be there. The big challenge that we have as political parties is how you can manage the transition from politics of the belly to politics of principle. We are not yet there."
Chipimo said there was need to train a cadre of patriotic young people to run the affairs of the nation.
"We need to start looking at how we can train up our young people to believe in something beyond the salaries they will receive at the end of the month," said Chipimo.