A FORMER UPND official who defected to PF in 2010 says he has turned down an appointment from the opposition party.
Patson Ndhlovu said despite resigning from the UPND about three years ago, the UPND provincial appointed him deputy provincial secretary for politics in February this year.
Ndhlovu, the former deputy national chairperson for education in the UPND, said he sent back the letter of his appointment to the UPND provincial leadership.
"I am very shocked by these people; how they can appoint me now when I resigned from UPND? You know I was a national leader in UPND and I resigned from Lusaka. Your paper covered me when I was resigning. I want to affirm my membership of the PF from the time I resigned from the UPND in 2010. The position remains and I appeal to the people of the Eastern Province to join the ruling party to fully partake in the government development agenda," Ndhlovu said.
But UPND deputy national chairperson for youth, sport and development Michael Chuzu said Ndhlovu had been changing positions since he announced his defection to PF in 2010.
Chuzu said Ndhlovu was recently assigned to campaign for UPND in Chasefu Constituency in Lundazi where he hails from.
"What I know is that this man was frequenting UPND again after he joined PF, so to be frank we don't know his clear position," he said.