I would like to thank you in the first place for introducing the sms line for contributions to the paper.
This action alone will allow even us the most ordinary and common citizens to take part in the affairs of the nation and make our views heard by the powers that be. I have tried to contribute to the Postbag without success in the past. I may attribute this partly due to the mode of transmission (internet, letters, etc) and not due to the content of my material. This feature will obviously allow an interaction between the led and the leaders.

Congratulations for introducing The Post SMS, which will enable most of us your readers to contribute to your stories more quickly. Another of your successes as Zambia's leading newspaper.
K. K. Luka, Ndola

We applied for the second time for the job of polling assistant in the Kapiri by-election at civic centre but they are only getting relatives and friends.
B, Kapiri Mposhi.

Government should employ agriculture extension workers earlier. This year, government, through the Ministry of Agriculture promised to recruit over 900 workers. A promise is a promise.

MMD at a crossroads. When people like Maj. Richard Kachingwe said Nevers Mumba should not be allowed to lead MMD, people couldn't comprehend what the major had foreseen. Now the opposition party, which not long ago had a very influential command, has been auctioned to UPND, whose leader Hakainde Hichilema appears to be the highest bidder. One may be forced to conclude that those in MMD are all blind followers of this pastor, which is very dangerous because it is said: "where there is no vision, people perish". This is a wake-up call to MMD.
Fyakubantu Munsha- Ndola.