WORKS and supply deputy minister Panji Kaunda has warned that his ministry will not tolerate cadres meddling in its affairs.
Col Panji (right) said this following a protest at Government Complex by PF youth led by information and publicity chairperson Stanely Chumya, against the complex managers, Hallmark Property Services.
According to the youth, who chanted PF slogans outside the complex to the amazement of the occupants early in the morning, the said property managers were incompetent and did not deserve to have their contract renewed.
The youth demanded that Hallmark Property Services' contract be terminated.
But Col Panji condemned the youth, saying that they should follow proper procedures when making their grievances known.
"The so-called youth have got no right to protest against the running of a government institution. There are channels of communication for those that are aggrieved. We'll not tolerate a situation where people decide to go and protest against the way government institutions are being run. That is not allowed and I hope the police were there to arrest those that were directing people who were doing that," said Col Panji. "I even doubt whether they are PF or some vagabonds who are purporting to be PF. If there are any complaints, they must follow the correct channels and officials will attend to their complaints. We don't allow anarchy in the party. So if they are PF, they must behave the way the party behaves. They have no right to protest in the manner they did, whether it is chairman or what. That one I condemn personally."
Earlier, Chumya accused Hallmark Property Services of incompetence.
"Toilets are not being looked after well. Most of the handles have been stolen and the government wants to renew their contract with Hallmark Services Limited; we will not allow. What we are saying is we don't want government to give Hallmark the contract, reason being that Hallmark is an MMD-owned private company," he said.
Chumya said the government had qualified people who could look after the Government Complex.
"This place is in a deplorable state, even at the Kenneth kaunda International Airport it is just the same and we as PF are not happy. We feel these people are standing in the way of government. So works and supply should know that we are against this company's contract with government. We have locked the offices of Hallmark and they will not be opened until we sit down with the minister responsible."