HOME affairs deputy minister Alfridah Kansembe has advised graduating paramilitary officers to stick to one sexual partner once they decide to settle down and get married.
Speaking during pass out of 449 paramilitary officers at Sondela in Kafue on Wednesday, Kansembe also cautioned the graduating officers to keep away from partisan politics, corruption and other vices.
Kansembe implored the officers to concentrate on maintaining law and order for the Zambian citizens so as to enable them live in a tranquil environment.
"When you decide to settle down and get married, you must stick to one sexual partner. Avoid over-stepping your policing boundary into active politics. If you want to be a politician, simply resign and get into the ring," said Kansembe.
Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani urged the paramilitary officers to upgrade their studies and avoid requesting for transfers to other police departments where their various skills could not be fully utilised.
She praised female officers who had braved the hard training in the Elite Police unit which had always been dominated by very strong men.
"This simply shows that if given an opportunity, women can also perform as good as men," she said.
Of the 449 paramilitary recruits that graduated on Wednesday, 174 were females.
Hundreds of people had a difficult time accessing Sondela because of the mountainous terrain.
Parents, relatives and friends who went to witness the pass out of the 449 paramilitary recruits, who were graduating from the Geoffrey Mukuma camp (popularly known as Sondela) in Kafue were left stranded as their vehicles had difficulties pulling through the terrain.
It took the initiative of a group of men who started pushing the vehicles as they drove up a section of the road which was making small vehicles slide on stones and failing to make it up hill.